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Imagine if your target audience using their Smart Device, can simply take a picture of your QR Code and be instantly taken to your website or landing page that contains more information on your product, service, story, music, office, offering or event.



A QR Code can instantly direct your audience to wherever or whatever you want them to see, hear or experience.


How QR Codes Work:
First, download a QR scanning application for your Smart Device. When you see a QR Code, open the scanning application and use your Smart Device camera to focus the Code on your screen.
The application will recognize the Code and automatically open up a link in your Smart Device browser. You just need an internet connection to access the content.

QR Codes work as paper-based hyperlinks that can instantly lead your audience to wherever you wish to take them, websites, videos, music, the site for MP3 downloads, dial a telephone number, and even purchase tickets right there. The possibilities are endless.

Who can use QR Codes? Anyone that has something to show or say.
Who can view QR Codes? Anyone that has a Smart Device that includes a QR Code reader. (QR Code Readers can easily be downloaded to your Smart Device.
Download QR Code Reader: http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/

Some Suggested Uses:

Business Cards. Rather than overload a business card with all of your contact information, include the bare minimum for reaching you, then create a QR Code that leads people to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Plaxo, Yelp, FourSqure, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Whrrl, and MySpace profiles, other.

Build your Email Subscriber List. Use your QR Code to send people to your email signup. (Just make sure you give people a compelling reason to subscribe to your list...otherwise you will have just wasted their time).

Clothing. Put your QR Code on your t-shirt, parka, hart or belt buckle. Or, printing up 100 and put them on 100 interns and have them attend a public event like a ballgame, street fair or campaign stop. For more engagement from the crowd, put different messages on the product, so people take more scans of more of your Codes.

Cooking and Recipes. Your targeted audience could be presented with recipe ideas, preparation and serving tips, instructional photos, videos, and other product or services information.

Dentists. Link to your website and/or quickly explain in a video the cosmetic procedures and services offered and how easy it can be to have the perfect smile.
Get the Phone Ringing. QR Codes can make a phone call. If you want to get the phone to ring at your business or at campaign headquarters--you can create a QR Code that will dial a predetermined number. Likewise, QR Codes can generate SMS (Short Message Service) text messages.

Increase E-Commerce Sales. Since QR Codes can lead to URLs, you can create a Code that will populate a shopping cart with specific products. (Assuming your e-commerce solution can handle that.)

Labeling. A restaurant patron is enjoying wine from your vineyard. They notice the QR Code on the bottle and quickly scan it. That takes them to a mobile site where they can learn more about your wine, your vineyard, and links to where you can buy a case for delivery...all before the check comes.

Manufacturers. Track inventory. Explain in detail your products. Provide video tours.

Physicians. Link to your website and/or quickly explain in a video certain medical procedures and services offered prior to procedures. This both educates and reassures patients.

Promotions, Discounts and Giveaways. If you want to encourage patronage from the iPhone and Android set, you could create discounts that are specific to the QR Codes. You could run these Codes in advertisements or post them throughout your store. You could even turn them into a "retweet" so that your shoppers share their discount with their followers.

Realtors. Place QR Codes on your business card, your property sign, in a window. Link to your website and/or easily provide a video tour of existing inventory.

Scavenger Hunts. For destination marketing, a scavenger hunt approach can be a great way to get visitors to check out places they might not otherwise go.

Service Providers. Let you audience know about your services. Link to your website and/or quickly explain in a video the various services available and how they will benefit your customers.

Storefront Displays. Few retail businesses are open 24/7. Create a Shop Online Now! QR Code and put it in your storefront window. One quick scan and you've turned a potential lost sale into an online customer who's going to share a lot more of their contact information with you.

Supplement your Retail Space. QR Codes next to pieces of art could help art galleries move more art, or museums replace those aging audio tape tours.

Groceries could link to pages that talk about how their products were sourced, and perhaps to interviews of the farmers who grew the food.

Electronic shops could bring visitors to review sites so they could get unbiased reviews of stocked products.

Hardware stores could link to how-to videos on YouTube of how to use specific power tools. E-commerce sites where shoppers could buy out-of-stock items. Book stores could link to their own reviews of books on their blog.


Want more? Check out QR Code videos, such as the following:

Get the idea? You are only limited by your imagination!

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